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Share a live project timeline with anyone

You’ve created a Gantt chart with Ganttify and now you wish to share it with your client to keep them in the loop. You’ll probably go ahead and export the Gantt chart as a PDF or image, create an e-mail and send it as an attachment. A couple of minutes after you’ve sent the e-mail, something comes up and the project is delayed for two days. The Gantt chart you just created is already outdated before your client had a chance to view it.


A fresh new look.

Roughly 5 years ago we launched Ganttify. All this time we’ve been rocking the same layout and while our fingers have been itching for a redesign, the focus has been on features and user experience. Today we’re finally launching a fresh new look for your Gantt charts.


Easily sort your Gantt charts

Ganttify Gantt charts where always sorted in one way: mostly alphabetically ascending based on the order each time block was added. Not anymore. Today we’re announcing advanced sorting functionality for all Ganttify users!


Introducing paid subscriptions for Ganttify

At the end of August 2017, Ganttify will gradually start migrating users from their free accounts to free 14 day Ganttify Pro trial accounts. All existing users will receive an e-mail notification when they're upgraded.


How to create a Gantt chart for Trello

Gantt charts can help to give you a big picture overview of your Trello boards, identify bottlenecks in your planning and boost productivity. Ganttify allows you to easily create gantt charts for your Trello boards.