New Features

New at Ganttify: User accounts

By Robin van Baalen on July 7, 2016 in New Features

Since the launch of Ganttify our users have had a love/hate relationship with the authentication process you have to go through every time you start using Ganttify. We all love the simplicity, but hate the repetition.

Today, that's a thing of the past.


Ganttify just got a bit more secure

By Tom Ummels on September 9, 2015 in Releases

As of today ssl security is available on the complete Ganttify service. This will change nothing for our users except that the communication between your browser and our servers will be encrypted by default. So all information related to your Gantt chart is sent over the internet in a secure and safe way.

Whoops.. this almost never happens.

It seems that an error has occured on one of our servers. We are notified with it's details and will look into it.

WOW! What just happened?!

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