The Ultimate Gantt chart add-on for Todoist.

Organize it all with Todoist, plan it all with Ganttify.

  • Task dependencies

    Define relations between tasks, even across projects.

  • Published Gantt chart

    Share a secure link to the live Gantt chart with anyone.

  • Start & end dates on tasks

    Define a task duration. Not just when it needs to be done.

  • Privacy first

    Your project data never stays on our servers. It's loaded each time you open the Gantt chart.

  • Export as PDF

    Created Gantt charts can be saved as PDF for convenient sharing.

  • Filters

    Quickly find what you're looking for in big timelines.

  • Works great with teams

    Easily make sure your colleagues or management knows what's going on.

  • ... and individuals.

    Planning a wedding, keeping track of your chores, and anything in between. Know when you have time and when you don't.

  • Always in sync

    When tasks update, the Gantt chart updates. And vice-versa.

Point, click & done. Here's how.

Your first Gantt chart for Todoist is that easy.

Your projects, in one timeline.

Work with your team in Todoist Business and assign tasks to team members. In Ganttify, you create Gantt charts of one or more projects and instantly see who's working on what.

Setting a due date on a task in Ganttify
Screenshot of adding a dependency in Ganttify

Set dependencies between tasks, and even across projects.

Track your project's progress by creating dependencies between important tasks. Move a task forward, and it's dependent tasks automatically get a new start date. This is a great way to link tasks of different teams together and get a clear view of the overall progress.

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Gantt charts for Todoist

You're organizing your team with Todoist. Add Ganttify and your team's projects will turn into a clear big picture timeline that allows you to instantly update task deadlines and see what's going on.

No manual data entry, all project data is loaded directly from Todoist. Just select one or more projects and click "Open Chart".

Create a Gantt chart with just one click

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