Powerful Gantt charts in one click

Drag and drop project updates, add new timelines and easily share.

Always in sync

Edit the timelines right from within Ganttify. We automatically update your linked project's details for you, both ways. Updates in the Gantt chart are reflected in your projects and vice versa.

Share with colleagues

Easily share your Gantt chart with friends and colleagues using our super short sharing links.

All the information at a glance

On the left of the Gantt chart you see a detailed view of each timeline.

Set start dates, due dates and milestones

Simply use the right mouse click to add start dates, due dates and milestones to each item in your Gantt chart.

Zoom as far as you need

Whether you need to view the Gantt chart on an hourly basis or want to view the entire year at once, we've got you covered with dead simple yet very powerful zooming capabilities.

Big picture overview

No more clutter between multiple screens. When you've opened your Gantt chart you're instantly able to see the big picture of your project's timeline and upcoming deadlines.

Save your Gantt chart as PDF

Ganttify offers multiple advanced output settings such as multipage prints, landscape or portrait output, color or printer friendly and zoom to fit. Just click the printer icon in the top left corner to save your Gantt chart as a PDF document.

Embed your Gantt charts

Creating a kick-ass presentation? Or want to display a planning in your report? Just export the Gantt chart as an image to embed it in your presentation files.

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