Create Gantt Charts in three simple steps.

Manage your Basecamp Project, Google Calendar or Trello Board in a Gantt Chart. Explain your plans to others using one simple chart. See how all your activities relate in time and find bottlenecks in a matter of seconds.

Automatically generate Gantt charts with Ganttify

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Fast and easy Gantt charts.

You connect your application, Ganttify creates the Gantt chart. Dead simple. After that, you can choose to update your project straight from the Gantt chart itself or simply keep working in the application you already use. We will update the Gantt chart automatically.

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Ganttify generates the Gantt chart for you.

Simply pick your integration and get started

1. Connect the integration and create an account

Authorize Ganttify to connect to your Basecamp, Trello or Google Calendar account by clicking one of the connect buttons above.

2. Select your project(s)

From the project list, select one or more project from which you want to generate a Gantt chart.

3. Generate a Gantt chart

Ganttify interprets your project data and generates a Gantt chart from your Basecamp, Trello or Google Calendar projects. Edit your timelines right from the Gantt chart interface, export it as a PDF or image, or share the online Gantt chart with friends and colleagues.

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All you have to do, really, is connect your account to Ganttify and it does the rest. You can save the chart as a PDF or image, share a link to the chart, and change the view in increments ranging from 5 minutes to one month at a time.

Once that is taken care of, a chart can easily be created by clicking the button next to the calendar you want to transform. As well as viewing it on screen, the charts can be exported in picture or PDF format, making them easy to embed in other documents.

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While it doesn’t have all the advanced features offered by its competitors, it’s well-designed and simple, which makes it really easy to use, even for complete project management novices.

It's attractive because it actually makes a multi-colored, horizontal time chart the primary interface for project management rather than an extra something you can print or look at on the side. You can make modifications on the fly; right-click to create a new period in your project plan, then select a color, and you've already gotten started. You can drag and drop periods around the chart easily — impressive for a web app.

Tom's Planner has launched their dead-simple web-based project management and planning system lets users create and visualize an online planning schedule. The application is meant to be used by a broad spectrum of consumers, from project managers, event and wedding planners to busy soccer moms or personal assistants.

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