New at Ganttify: User accounts

Since the launch of Ganttify our users have had a love/hate relationship with the authentication process you have to go through every time you start using Ganttify. We all love the simplicity, but hate the repetition.

Today, that's a thing of the past.

Ganttify proudly introduces one of our biggest updates yet: User accounts. While keeping the simplicity of a fast and to the point sign in process, we are also getting rid of the repetitive need to authorize Ganttify with your project planning software. Just sign up for an account, authorize your Trello, Basecamp or Google Calendar account and we will now remember that authorization and store it safely with your Ganttify account. The next time you want to use Ganttify, you will go straight to your project list to pick the project(s) you want to create a gantt chart from! No need to authorize again.

For our frequent users, we added even more simplicity: tick the 'remember me' box while logging in to your Ganttify account and we will remember your login credentials. The next time you use Ganttify, we will automatically log you in, authorize you with your project planning software and show you a list of available projects in Ganttify! You won't have to do anything!

To those of you who have been waiting for this feature, we say thank you for your patience. For everyone else: Happy Ganttify-ing!

Start creating Gantt charts today