Create gantt charts with Basecamp 3

Almost a year ago, our friends at Basecamp launched a brand new updated version of their great product: Basecamp 3. Unfortunately, Basecamp 3 was not open for third party developers yet which was causing some disappointment with Ganttify users.

But not anymore!

From July 21st on, Basecamp 3 will offer a full featured API for third party companies to integrate with its product and create great extensions. For the last couple of months Ganttify had early access to the brand new Basecamp API. Thanks to the great collaboration between Basecamp and Ganttify, we're proud to announce that Ganttify will from now on be fully compatible with Basecamp 3!

How can I get started with Basecamp 3 and Ganttify?

You won't have to do much. Just make sure you're logged in to your Basecamp 3 account, click the Basecamp button on the Ganttify home page, authorize Ganttify to connect with your Basecamp account and we will show you a list of your Basecamps from which you can create gantt charts. Ganttify will automatically load your Schedules and To-dos, and plot the date information in a gantt chart. All you have to do is make sure your Schedules and To-dos in Basecamp contain start dates, due dates and/or runtimes.

What about the Ganttify meta data I used to add?

The Ganttify meta data (e.g. 'start: dd/mm/yyyy' or 'duration: 2d') you used to add to your To-dos won't be necessary anymore. In Basecamp 3, you can simply add due dates or even runtimes to To-dos and Schedule items right from the Basecamp interface. You won't have to add meta-data by hand anymore.

What are you waiting for?

Get started with Basecamp 3 and Ganttify